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Keylogger Software

Key logger utility helps to monitor your employees and children online and offline activities respectively. Keylogger Software easily records all keystroke activities including typed emails, login ID, passwords, chat conversation, written documents and other keyboard typed activities into an encrypted log. Software provides the facility to send log of activities at pre-specified mail address in the hidden way. Secure and safe application runs in the background in stealth mode to capture users all activities and even bypasses all major anti-virus utilities.

Advance Keylogger Software

Advance Keylogger Software allows you to detect what is happening on your system when you are not physically present around your system. Enhanced version of key logger software records overall PC and internet activities performed on system at any time. Tool easily records all keystroke details, clipboard activities, voice chat conversation etc with the additional facility to capture Windows screenshots at regular interval of time in stealth mode. Utility makes aware PC owner by automatically sending/uploading recorded log file via E-mail and FTP Server settings.

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