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Keylogger Software

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Professional Keylogger Software Software keeps track of all keystrokes activities performed on your system in your absence. Utility records all typed keyboard keystrokes activities including sent mails, login id, passwords, accessed websites, typed URLs, chat conversation etc secretly in an encrypted log files with the facility to mail log of all recorded details at specified email id as per your settings.

Surveillance utility is helpful in various organizations (mainly IT industry), at Home, Cyber Cafés etc for business (employees) monitoring, parental monitoring in order to monitor child keystroke activities etc without even mattering that how far you are from your computer system.

Keystroke logging utility establishes full control over your computer system and provides you detailed report of all keystroke activities happening on your system in your absence by sending an email of the detailed recorded activities at user defined email id.

Software advantages and features:
  • Keeps track of all keystrokes activities performed on your system in your absence.
  • Records keyboard keystrokes activities, typed documents, sent mails, text chat conversations, search history, typed URL etc in an encrypted log file.
  • Software is capable to run in standard or hidden mode.
  • Provides the facility to set password so that unauthorized user can not modify software configuration settings.
  • Facilitates to set hot keys or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Facilitate to send log files via E-mail Settings.
  • Facilitate to view even only printing keystrokes.
  • The reports can be easily generated in HTML or TXT file format for future reference.
Software other features:
  • Run invisibly in the background.
  • Safe and secure surveillance tool as it works in stealth mode.
  • Step-by-Step help manual is provided for user’s guidance.
  • Support Graphical user interface that increases software ease of usability.
  • Software can be handled easily even by untrained individual.
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