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Pocket PC Forensic Software

Award winning Forensic software is overall responsible for extracting the detailed information of all Windows based Pocket PC Mobile phones. All the hardware and software configuration details of Pocket PC/ PDA mobile phones can be analysed quickly with the help of Pocket PC Forensic Software. The hardware and software details includes mobile phone’s File information, Database information, OS Registry information and other Phone information like IMSI Number, Manufacturer name, text messages, contact numbers of both sim card as well as mobile phones, signal quality, battery status etc.

Sim Card Data Recovery Software

Powerful and non-destructive sim card data recovery solution to retrieve data lost, deleted, crashed, misplaced from your mobile phone’s Sim card memory. Simply and securely undelete all your deleted data including text messages (inbox, outbox, draft, sent items) and contact numbers (dialled, missed, fixed, received etc) along with name, date and time, Sim IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number, ICC identification number by reading the SIM Card with the help of USB sim Card reader hardware device (PC/SC Standards Reader or Phoenix Standards based Reader).

Mobile Phone Inspector

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