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MS Excel to MySQL Database Converter

MS Excel to MySQL

MS Excel to MySQL Database Converter is complete solution to quickly and accurately migrate MS Excel database to My SQL database records. Whether you are database administrator or any software professional, database converter helps you in converting bulk database records without wasting time in lengthy scripting or coding. Easy to use application with user-friendly interface works with all versions of MySQL servers and Microsoft Excel and can be handled by any technical or non-technical person without requiring specified knowledge to operate it.

MS Excel-MySQL database conversion program supports all database data types and attributes and facilitates to convert individual or entire database with maintained integrity of converted database records. Software is cost-effective tool and save your time and money spend in converting database records manually. Free trial download of application is also available to test and analyze features before purchasing full version online.

Price: $45.00

MS Excel to MySQL Database Converter Screenshots

MS Excel to MySQL Database Converter

MS Excel to MySQL Database Converter

Software Features:

  • Easily convert MS Excel worksheets to mysql database records in easiest way.
  • Supports all database data types and attributes.
  • Facilitates to convert entire or selected MS Excel database as per requirement.
  • Supports all versions of MS Excel and Windows MySQL servers.
  • Easy to use wizard style interface.
  • Facilitates to save the converted database records at specified location on PC.
  • Full install and uninstall support.

Advantages of the Software:

  • Automate the entire database migration process and provides fast and effective results.
  • Convert bulk database records in very less time without requiring any coding or scripting.
  • Convert database without modifying database originality and integrity.
  • Useful for developers, database administrators and other users who want to convert database records in less time.
  • No need to hire any professional to perform the task of database conversion.
  • Does not require special training or assistance to run or operate the software.