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Data Wiping Utility

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Data Wiping utility is designed with tested algorithms to erase data from the media to make it impossible to retrieve. Secure erase procedure is applied on sensitive files and folders for deleting them permanently from the disk as when you erase the file by using normal means, the corresponding references are deleted and the space formerly occupied by the file is marked as being free, so to delete that free space, disk wiping utility is used.

Secure data wiper works in Destructive and non-destructive modes. The user will have the choice of wiping the data using either of the available modes. The Destructive mode of disk wiper permanently deletes or wipes entire hard disk, unused space etc. and the Non-destructive mode of disk wiper permanently deletes or wipes internet activities, system files and other application files etc.

Software Features:
  • Wipes deleted files, folders, entire disk and unused disk space etc.
  • Delete saved or unsaved data present on the Hard Disks.
  • Support wiping of Hard disk drives as well as Removable Medias in Destructive and Non-destructive wiping modes.
  • Leaves no traces of any files or folders on your PC.
  • Provide user’s security such that data once wiped can’t be recoverable even by any data recovery software.
Advantages of the Software:
  • Improves your system’s performance.
  • Support all major removable media drives like Pen drive, USB drive, Jump drive, Thumb drive, SD Card, XD Card and Smart Media etc.
  • Step-by-step user manual is provided for user’s guidance.
  • Support Graphical user interface that increases software’s ease of usability.
  • The software can be handled even by non-technical users.
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